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Come alight with this juicy bombshell of flavours. Get your survival instinct going, and add fuel to the day.

FIRE starts off with the juicy flavours of ripe strawberry, followed by milk chocolate with accents of kiwi coming through, and comforted by the cosy finishings of hazelnut. It's an experience that will no doubt ignite your senses.

Notes: ripe strawberry, milk chocolate, kiwi, hazelnut

Origin: The farm is run by seven siblings. The coffee production has been in the family for 3 generations and the quality is therefore exceptional. The fourth generation is on the way.

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Beans with a story

You'll notice our sourcing has a purpose. Our blends come from sources with soul. Time to drop the faceless chains, there are cleaner and greater coffees to be found in our selected line-up.